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By: Savannah Tuma


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Okay, I know outfit is not the most interesting, butttt I wanted to post it because Nils and I are going to the warriors game tomorrow. I snagged this shirt from the kids section last year for eight bucks compared to $25 in women's. I didn’t find the exact shirt on their website, so I’ll link a few others down below. Hope you all are having a great week! 

PS: Who’s excited that its finally cold enough to wear a leather jacket?!? ME!!!


That Little Pink Dress...

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Happy Hump Day!

Eek, I know colder weather has JUST started to hit the Bay Area, but I wanted to show you both this cute pink dress and these marble sunglasses that I found at Anthropologie. I wouldn’t normally go for this style of dress, but I thought it looked really cute with my Stan Smith’s (which dresses it down/makes it more casual). I know I’ll definitely be wearing this dress on warmer weekends and maybe if I make it back to the Ferry Building some day-- I haven’t been in sooo long… I’m missing walking around the SF on a crisp morning. 

The sunglasses--which were only $10!!-- I found to be just as cute as the dress (especially paired together). My sister couldn’t stop ranting and raving about them the other day when I got them. We both have pretty simple/chic styles which can be fun to add little pop’s of color or designs to-  like these marble sun glasses. 

Hope you all had a great Halloween. I’m going to be stuffing my face with fruits and vegetables all day to make up for all the candy I ate (and maybe a few more pieces). Haha! :/

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