Style West

By: Savannah Tuma

All Saints Bag...

Outfit Details-

Happy Thursday! I just received my one and only purchase from the Norstrom Anniversary sale item in the mail. I got this All Saint bag and I AM SO OBSESSED. You should have seen me when I was opening the package. Isn't it funny how we can get so excited about something so small, like for goodness sakes, it's just a bag... butttt that said, I still love it! 

When I got it in the mail, I promised myself I would return it if my laptop didn't fit in it. Sure enough, it does (I have the 13 inch Macbook Air for reference)!! And I'm not sure I would have returned it anyway if it didn't fit-- whoops! I'm about to go on a trip up to Seattle and I think it'll be the perfect travel bag. So I'll be sure to put it to the test this Sunday. ;)

Hope you all have a great week!



Day to Night Denim...

Outfit Details:


Denim Jacket: Marshalls

Sneakers: DB Shoes

Sandals: DB Shoes

Hello Everyone,

The other day when I was shopping with my sister, she had a great idea for my new blog post. She suggested that I put together an outfit that I would wear during the day and then transition into a night look. I thought that sounded like a great idea, so I decided to do it based on the items I purchased that very day. 

My purchases included these sneakers (in look number one), this distressed denim jacket, and these sandals (in look number two). The best part about all three of these items were the prices!! I don’t know if you know… but there is this Nordstrom Anniversary sale going on right now and EVERYTHING is like a billion dollars. Many of the bloggers I follow on Instagram keep ranting about this $60 distressed Nordstrom Topshop jacket that I found myself swooning over too. I am trying to save money right now, for many different reasons, so I decided to hold back on $60 jacket. However, it wasn’t until I found this $20 beauty when I started to feel a little better ;). Anyways, ALL of these three items were under $25! The jacket was $20, sneakers were $15, and sandals were $12! 

I have linked look a likes for all three of these because unfortunately, both DB shoes and Marshall's do not have an online store. If you want a quick link to a similar style, click on the images. However, to get everything for less than $25, make your way into your local Marshall's and DB shoes!

That’s all for now. Have a GREAT Wednesday everyone!



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