Style West

By: Savannah Tuma

Pretty and Pink...

Outfit Details-

Romper: Romwe... similar styles below

Shoes: Adidas

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Happy first day of spring-- anddd it's supposed to rain :( ... Oh well, I guess we’ll save the sun for another day. To be honest, I’d rather go to class in gloomy/rainy weather than sunshine. I never want to go inside or sit down and get down to business when I could be outside tanning or playing Spikeball, so I guess thats a plus that I'll be more motivated to work.

This weekend was out of this world! The sun was shining, I got to go outdoor climbing, my best friend came back for spring break, oh… and I got to see Hamilton!! Definitely the highlight of my weekend, beside Una coming back. If I’m being completely honest, I didn’t really like Hamilton when the album first came out. My friend Molly would play it in the car and Una and I would tell her to turn it off. However, after a few weeks of listening to the opening song all thanks to Molly ;) , it grew on me and I immediately got hooked to the rest.

One thing that stood out to me is how Lin-Manuel Miranda created an entire modern day rap about the story of Alexander Hamilton, making each song work together, yet at the same time possess its own unique diorama. Because of his brilliance, I can’t say that I have a favorite song. Yeah, maybe I would prefer to listen to one more than the other because of the beat or the way it makes me feel, but all in all, every one is just too good to choose from.

Anyways, back to the show. Both me and Sterling's (my older sister) favorite part was the choreography in Hamilton. Growing up both of us danced ballet every week for hours upon hours. Because of our background, we appreciated the choreography probably more than most people in the theater. To me, I felt the choreography shaped the songs differently than what I was used to hearing in my car (I'd always listen to Hamilton on the way to teach or to school). I was used to hearing them the same way as in my car, however the dancing played with each note in the song, pointing some out that were there, but had gone unnoticed. I loved how these movements they made, either just one person or a whole group, brought out and highlighted little phrases or notes I had never noticed before yesterday. 

Lastly, my favorite scene/song in the show was the opening. I had played that scene over so many times in my head imagining what it would be like. To finally see and hear the music break the silence of the San Francisco Orpheum, turned my stomach over itself while at the same time sprung me an inch out of my seat! 

Overall 10/10 amazing show! If you have the chance to go see it, it's worth every penny!

PS: I forgot to talk about this outfit in a little more details. I wore this jumpsuit with a pair of boots to Hamilton. All I will say is go get one! It straight up feels like you’re wearing pajamas!

Hope you all have a good Monday and first day of Spring!


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