Style West

By: Savannah Tuma

Summer Vibes...

Outfit Details-

Romper: Old Navy

Jacket: Gap

Shoes: Banana Republic

Sunglasses: Vans

This romper is from Old Navy and is so light and comfortable. I've been wanting to try new styles with more color like this one and I think I finally found the perfect piece especially with summer right around the corner! {Only three more weeks of school!!} I found that paring it with a jacket like this doesn't make this piece in particular "too loud" or bright. In other words, it helps tone down the vibrant red color a little more for people that don't wear color too often. I wouldn't say this about too many things because my favorite I typically only wear the three most boring colors-- white grey or black, but I surprisingly find myself fond of this romper more than I thought I would. I don't think I'll be wearing it everyday, but on a hot summer day to the beach, a vacation down to LA or just to the Farmers Market in SF, I can't wait for the next time I pull this out!

If you are curious about other colors, they also have this in blue here if you are a looking for something a little more neutral or toned down. Can't wait for the weather to keep getting warmer and for school to come to an end! #summer2017 Can't wait!

Happy Monday-- have a great week!


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