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By: Savannah Tuma

One Month Running Update

One Month Running Update

I started running right when I got back from Europe. It was actually one of my New Year’s resolutions which I’m surprised to find myself keeping with it. Anyways, I have been documenting my journey through instagram stories which has been an easy way to keep track of how many times a week I go out, the distance I run, and how each run has felt for me both physically and mentally. It’s almost like my running journal via social media. 

Why did you start running?

I've never liked running. Ever. I actually promised my dad, sister, and boyfriend that I would give them $100 if I ever said that I loved running. So, why might you ask have I started to run? Well, number one it was my New Years resolution and two I have found that I like to challenge and push myself to try to overcome something I’m not too fond of.

A Little Back-Story:

Growing up, I did ballet up until sophomore year of high school which wasn’t very cardio intensive and left me with little stamina for really any other sport I tried. Some of you might know that I ran the 10k last November which I BARELY, I mean barely got through. Before that race, I had never run 2 miles consistently without stopping. What got into my head to sign up for a 6 mile race? I don’t know, but what I do know is how accomplished and good I felt afterwards. Well, not directly, I had to stop 100 feet before the finish line because I felt like I was about to collapse from not getting enough oxygen and then ended up throwing up a little after crossing the finish line. Butttt, after all of that subsided, I had just ran 6.2 miles without stopping. This felt like a marathon for me.

What goals have you set?

When I got back from Europe, I told myself this one thing that I have stuck by every run I’ve been on. I told myself, "I have to run AT LEAST 2 miles without stopping every singe run I go on". Once I’ve reached 2 miles, I can stop completely, or keep going if I’m feeling good. What’s most interesting to me, is that the hardest part of those two miles is the second mile. (Well at first it was both, but as I’ve run more the first mile has gotten easier). My point being, however, is that once I’ve accomplished that initial goal (running 2 miles), I can reevaluate how I am feeling and then running becomes SO much easier if I continue. After completing the two miles, I can wrestle with how much more I want to push myself. A couple things I tell myself when I’ve reached that point of wanting to stop are:

-"Just one more song, then you can stop".

-"Once I reach that tree, then I can stop".

-"20 more steps, then I can stop".

Oftentimes, however, I find that when I set small enough goals for me to accomplish, they are easier to execute, making me want to keep adding on a few more. By doing this, I always achieve my initial goal, a few extra small goals, and I ALWAYS end on a positive note. 

This process of always setting small goals to achieve after reaching your initial goal, leaves me with a sense of pride and excitement to come back and do more EVEN if I only ran just those 2 miles!

All in all, I think the most important thing, at least for myself, is to ALWAYS end on a positive note whether I'm having a good day or a bad one. Being able to achieve just one goal leaves me satisfied and hungry for more. 

Do you have any longterm goals?

I want to re-adjust my initial 2 miles, and make it 3 miles. Butttt, running 2 miles on some days is still really hard, so I think it might be a few more weeks before I do so.

My actual "long term goal" is to eventually run a half marathon. I still cringe when I hear myselft say that. My sister, who also runs, is trying to convince me to do the Berkeley Half Marathon in November. But, I think I need to sign up for another 10k before even thinking about that. Like I said, 2 miles is still a challenge on some days for me, so I need to know that I’ll be ready, prepared, and know that I can accomplish that goal.

What would you want to tell someone who is thinking about running?

Don't compare yourself to others. I mean it!!! This is something I did at first which I 100% regret. I wasn't thinking about what my body wanted and could take on and was ashamed that I couldn't run even ONE mile. So, I pushed myself more than I could take which left me with not achieving my goals and in the end, it pushed me away from running instead of leaving me wanting to come back.

So, set YOUR OWN goals even if that means running around your block without stopping. This is exactly what I did NOT do before I signed up for the 10k. I couldn't even run a mile without stopping before I started "training" for it (and by training I mean running 1.5 miles once a week leading up to it).  It was a mistake, but I have learned from it and have adjusted my goals and plan. 

What have you learned?

What I have grown to realize, is that I don’t think I’ll ever like the act of running. But being able to set realistic goals for myself and achieve them is what keeps me going back to the Marina a few times a week. 

Thanks for listening and reading! I really enjoyed writing this post, so please let me know if you enjoyed reading it! Have a great rest of your day!


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