Style West

By: Savannah Tuma

Matching BR dress...

Outfit Details-


Una finally made it into a blog post with me ALL thanks to this grey little Banana Republic dress. Una found it when she was on Bay Street the other day and after leaving the store without it, she could hardly stop thinking about it. So, a couple days later, she dragged me down there too to go get one!

20 minutes later, we were both walking out of the store with two bags and the same item. It’s awesome and it’s the perfect transition piece for fall… AND if we BOTH walked out of the store with it, it either means we’re shopaholics (true) or it’s just an amazing piece (also true).

Either way, you better go get one for fall! It’s seriously the perfect dress ever!!!

Thanks for stopping by and THANK YOU Una for being in this post! It took me a lot to get her to take photos with me. :) Hopefully it’s not the last time.



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