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By: Savannah Tuma

Madewell Bag...

Outfit Details-

Happy Monday! Here is a cute outfit that I wore the other day. I got this sweater for one dollar! And guess what? It’s Cashmere! My younger sister and I have been going to a few different thrift shops recently. We’ve been finding quality items for the fraction of the original price. I’m planning to do a blog post all about thrifting so stay tuned.  

What I really want to talk about is this Madewell bag. Isn’t it so cute? The bag is actually Una’s, but I convinced her to let me borrow it for this post. It’s made out of canvas which is awesome especially because I’ve stopped eating meat. I’ve been trying to find more alternate options when it comes to buying leather bags. I’m trying to not buy it at all from the main source. So let’s say I wanted another Madewell medium transport tote, instead of buying it new from Madewell, I would go on Poshmark and buy it from someone who is getting rid of it instead of buying it new. 

 Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great Monday!  


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