Style West

By: Savannah Tuma

Kladow Outfit...

I’ve realized since being here, that doesn’t matter how cute my outfit is, if I am not comfy, I won’t like what I’m wearing. For this reason, I’m super excited to share this look with you!

Last weekend I took a ferry with Sterling and Lillie to Kladow. After a 15 minute ferry ride across Wannsee, we ended up in this little town. This outfit I wore was perfect for the occasion and the reason I share it is because I think it will be one of my favorite outfits I will wear this summer. I felt so comfortable in it, especially thanks to this t-shirt.

DRESS: This dress is actually from Primark! Crazy, right? I’ve been super careful with what I’ve bought here, well because whatever I buy needs to fit in my suitcase back to California. So my rule has been whenever I purchase something, I HAVE to go home and style it before taking the tags off. If I am comfortable enough and don’t have a similar piece, I’ll keep it. Initially, I was super skeptical about this dress, but I really wanted it to work because I thought it was so cute and I’ve never owned a dress similar to this. So of course after buying it, I went home, styled it and surprisingly found so many things to pair it with including this shirt. I’ll share the other looks I came up in the next few weeks. Anway, after I realized I could wear it more than two ways, I took the tags off and am so happy I did.

T-SHIRT: This particular white shirt I’m wearing is from H&M. For this trip, I styled it with the plain white t-shirt. It was a pretty hot day, so I knew I’d stay cool and comfortable enough. I previously purchased it in the U.S. and it’s been my favorite white-T I’ve ever owned. [I’m not exaggerating.]

SHOES: I bought these shoes from Muji when Sterling and I were in Frankfurt. I had to buy a new pair because my Stan Smith’s were hurting my left bunion so badly and we were doing a lot of walking around. These have been beyond comfortable and I don’t have to worry about getting them dirty because they are canvas and I can throw them in the washer.

BAG: I really have never owned a better bag for traveling or any occasion. It zips, is the perfect size, and is so chic with whatever you style it with. I can fit my wallet, water bottle, phone, keys and really whatever else I want. I won’t stop wearing it until it falls apart. Which I hope is never! Haha.

What are your thought’s on this outfit? Would you wear this for summer? 

Thanks for checking this post out.


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