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head to toe thrifted...

Sweater: Land’s End Shirt: Ralph Lauren Pants: Gap Shoes: Superga Bag: Rinashua

Happy Monday and happy Thanksgiving week! I wanted to share this awesome outfit with you that I scored for dirt cheap! I’m wearing a cashmere sweater that I scored from Goodwill for $4 (originally: $159)! A Ralph Lauren button down I also scored from Goodwill for $5 (originally: $74.50)! I scored these pants from Thriftown for $1 (originally: $59.95). This pair of laced Superga shoes I ordered off Poshmark for $8 (originally: $65). And last but not least, this bag from Goodwill for $7 (originally: $88.13)! 

This adds up to a grand total of $25! If I would have paid full price for this outfit, it would be $446.58! Now, I’m going to be honest. I did have to patch up a small hole in the sweater, and the shoes aren’t in perfect condition. But hey, I’d take that any day over paying $421.58 more. And this is why thrift shopping is the best. You never know what you’re going to get, but at least it’s cheap enough for people like you and me to afford!

Hope this inspires you to go Thrifting sometime. You  never know what you’ll find. :) Hope you have a great Thanksgiving week!


How To Style Thrifted Clothing...

Happy Friday! I’ve been super super SUPER excited and giddy to share this post with you. Hopefully you saw the video of Sophia and I going to Thrift Town. We found some amazing things at amazing prices. The thing I was looking forward to most, however, was styling the pieces into my day to day outfits. So, I picked three of my favorite things I found and styled them here. 

I know they are primarily all black or darker outfits, but that’s just my style. Haha. My absolute FAVORITE find was the polka dot shirt. It’s something that I wouldn’t necessarily buy at full price because I liked the idea of it when I saw it more than the shirt itself I guess. As soon as I brought it home, I started styling it and wearing it with everything! My favorite thing to wear it with are these red shoes!

The second thing I got was this Men’s striped T-shirt. I thought it would be super cute to throw on for a casual outfit. I would wear this to study at a cafe or to class. I think it’s super cute!

Lastly, I got this pencil skirt and blazer. I was hesitant to buy both because they are more business wear. But since they were super cheap, I decided to get them and figure out how to style them. I’m still a little unsure where I would wear this out to… Probably a little fancier cafe like Ártis… We’ll see. I’m super excited to try wearing them!

Lastly, this blazer was only $2! I took the shoulder pads out because it was a little bulky. But in the end, it turned out super cute. I’m excited to wear it with this skirt or even style it down with my favorite pair of jeans and white sneakers. 

Tell me what YOUR favorite thrifted item I found is. Would you wear any of these?
Thanks for stopping by!


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