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By: Savannah Tuma

CalPak Luggage Review...

*** I found this piece of luggage at my local Marshall’s. Because I found it at a retailer, I got it for a fraction of the original price! Only $65 instead of $185! If you are interested in purchasing this item too, be sure to check out your local retail stores before purchasing online at full price! ***

Happy Monday! Before I left on my trip, I set out to find a bigger piece of luggage. I have heard so many great things about CalPak luggage, so I decided to give it a try.

A few days before I left for my trip to Berlin, I realized I needed a much larger suitcase. So, my sister, Sophia, and I jumped in the car and set out to go find the perfect piece of luggage. We started at Marshall’s looking through suitcase after suitcase. When I laid eyes on this piece, I was immediately drawn to it because of it’s chic appearance. You all know that I LOVE anything neutral, so I was happy to find they had white in stock. Who doesn’t love a chic suitcase? 

After I got over how pretty it was, I wanted to make sure it was durable. This is probably the most important thing to consider when buying a piece of luggage. I hopped online and read a few reviews. Just like any product, there were of course some bad ones, but I found the majority of people had a great experience with CalPak luggage which was great to see.

The last thing I evaluated before I purchased the piece was the price. Most luggage this size that I was interested in or looking at was at or above $80. And after comparing this price to it’s original $185 price, I was pretty juiced and decided to purchase it.

In the end, I was able to fit 50 pounds of clothes and different items in my luggage. Not only did it hold up well, but it was super easy to roll to and from the airport. One of the worst things that could happen with any piece of rolling luggage is one of the wheels breaking or the handle becoming flimsy. Trust me, I’ve had both happen to me before. It’s not fun at all.

My all time favorite feature, however, would have to be the zippers and lock feature. I loved finding that you could set your own code and then lock the zippers to the side of the case. After my luggage got lost in Paris, I was pleased to know that nobody would be able to rummage through it. You never know what can happen when a stranger has access to a suitcase full of your favorite items.

So far I am super pleased with my luggage purchase. It’s chic, durable, and protected. What more could you want? 

Have you ever tried CalPak Luggage? Let me know! Thanks for stopping by!


Dressed in UNIQLO...

I used to be so against wearing cardigans. I didn’t like the slouchy fit and I saw them as a ‘lazy’ way to get dressed. This season, however, I bought my first one from Nordstrom. When I tried it on, it felt like a blanket and since I am always cold, this was a game changer! I instantly fell in love and have been wearing cardigans ever since... but not just any cardigan. 

One of my favorites has been this longer, grey UNIQLO cardigan. I LOVE that it holds its shape and doesn’t have that slouchy, laid back look to it. I wore this to church the other day with this pair of flats to dress it up a little more. I am now obsessed.

I hope you had a great weekend and are having an amazing Monday!


Taste of France...

It is 1:30am right now and I should be going to sleep, but I have been really wanting to share this post with you. Nils recently took me, on an hour break I had in between two of my classes to this little village right off of the north side of the UC Berkeley Campus. It was so magical I swear I thought he had teleported us to France or something. I have never seen it on social media, which is rare for this age, and had never heard anyone talk about it so here goes I guess. 

This bon ton looking village consisted of so many little apartment/duplex looking houses, but again most were brick and sat in a French looking design. My all time favorite house was the first image I have displayed at the top of my post. This house, or at least I think it was a house, looked like a castle. We found this purple patch of flowers and the sky happened to be perfectly blue which made it even more magical.

Although I could keep ranting about this little village, I should catch some sleep before this long week ahead of me. If you live in Berkeley or happen to find yourself here, go pay a visit! Check out the map below to see where it's at! I swear you won’t be disappointed.

Have a great Monday and thanks for stopping by!


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